Mary’s Choice RVA envisions a world in which every woman faced with an unexpected pregnancy can transform her life and make a new beginning with the support she needs in a loving, safe home in which she can give her baby the ultimate gift: life.


Mary’s Choice RVA will promote the dignity of God-given life from the moment of conception by providing women in crisis pregnancies a nurturing safe home with support services, educational opportunities, and access to health services to empower them in their journey toward independence and self-respect.


Mary’s Choice RVA will provide an expectant mother with no-cost housing for up to four years in order to further her education and/or secure employment. The residents at Mary’s Choice RVA will receive counseling, attend in-house parenting and life-skills classes and adhere to the program covenants which offer structure self-discipline and guidance. Each resident will work with a case manager to develop an individualized plan t and will be blessed with a mentor to provide hands-on support, compassion and guidance. The program at Mary’s Choice RVA shall provide guidance to the residents to develop the skills and confidence they need to lead happy, productive, independent lives and to be good mothers to their children.

Through our network of caring community partners, especially Commonwealth Catholic Charities, Mary’s Choice RVA can connect women with the full spectrum of social services and workforce development resources they may need. 


Mary’s Choice RVA will dedicate itself to women in crisis pregnancies by:

  • Showing God’s unconditional love for them;
  • Teaching that they are blessed and loved by God who has a plan for their lives;
  • Helping without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, and without judgment for past mistakes;
  • Offering a safe and healthy home environment for women and their children;
  • Implementing accepted best practices consistent with our values in all areas of our operations and services;
  • Being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.


Click here to download Word doc of Mary’s Choice RVA Expectations